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Agriculture Education in Philippines

The Philippines is an agrarian abridgement with agronomics getting the capital activity of its people. Most of its citizens reside in the rural areas and chase assorted alimentation options in the agronomical sector. The absolute acreage breadth in the country is 30 actor hectares, out of which 47% is beneath agriculture. Prime agronomical acreage are amid about the capital burghal and top citizenry body areas.

The agronomical breadth in Philippines is disconnected into four sub-sectors absolute of farming, fisheries, livestock and forestry. Rice and blah annual for about 50% of the agronomical aftermath in the country. This has led to the added acquaintance about agronomical studies.

Besides rice and corn, the added important crop yields in the country are coconut, bananas, pineapple, coffee, mangoes and abaca (a assistant blazon plant). Apart from these, the accessory agronomics aftermath cover peanut, cassava, garlic, onion, egg-plant, cabbage, rubber, affection and calamansi (type of lemon).

The agronomical acreage in the country is a admixture of small, boilerplate and ample farms. An boilerplate acreage admeasurement is about 2 hectares which are usually endemic and managed by individual ancestors units and ambit from the affluence to the bartering production. The archetypal agronomics arrangement constitutes of crop yields like rice, blah and attic as accepted abject and aswell includes a few alive of livestock and poultry.

Due to all these prevailing conditions, a charge was acquainted to admit ability about the assorted agronomical practices and the latest trends getting followed about the globe. This gave bearing to the Agronomics Colleges in Philippines, some of which are endemic by the state.

The afterward colleges in the country are advised to be the best in agreement of infrastructure, the adroitness and the superior of education.

Pampanga Agronomics College: Primarily accustomed as an agronomical school, Pampanga Agronomics Academy became a accompaniment academy in September 1974. Originally started in 1885, this aeon old academy is amid on the foothills of the Majestic Mt. Arayat in the boondocks of Magalang, arena of Pampanga. It is advance out on an breadth of 700 hectares of government agronomical lands. The capital focus of the academy is on Instruction, Research & Development, Extension Training and Production.

Presently the academy offers 13 under-graduate courses, 2-year computer course, 2-year advance in agronomical technology, agronomical science top school, and alum schools for three masters and three doctoral degrees.

Xavier University – Academy of Agriculture: This celebrated academy was founded in 1953 by the backward Fr. William F. Masterson and is the additional oldest amidst the colleges of agronomics in Mindanao and aswell has the appreciative position of getting the alone Catholic Academy of Agronomics in the absolute country. It is aswell the founding affiliate of the Association of Colleges of Agronomics of the Philippines (ACAP).

The class of Xavier University – Academy of Agronomics is a characteristic aggregate of alive acreage plan and the advanced arts formation. The capital advance of the academy is on Instruction, Research, Extension and Production.

Apart from the aloft two educational institutions, there are aswell abounding added accompaniment sponsored Universities which accommodate apprenticeship on the altered facets of agriculture. Most of the colleges are affiliated with some across adroitness and organizations which accommodate admired inputs on a approved basis.

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